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Our History


The Ongoing Data Literacy with Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA),  One Water Solutions Institute (OWSI), ElephantFish Company, and Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) with watershed groups throughout Colorado.


Water Education Colorado wrote an article in their Headwater Magazine summer 2017. Covering CDSN's data collaboration for Coloradans (WECO).


Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund was awarded a grant for establishing data collaboration. CDSN, CWA and One Water Solutions Institute developed a program called Data Literacy to share with watershed groups throughout the state.


Analysis tools continued to improve.  Fee for service was implemented to move onto the road of financial sustainability for CWQMC/CDSN. Regulation 85 brought many new data providers to CDSN.


CDSN Web GIS utility is released. Several presentations, trainings, and SWAPS are in progress.


CWQMC is reorganized using a traditional board structure. Efforts remain focused on outreach and increasing the utility of the CDSN.


January - Google-map utility is released. Several presentations, trainings, and SWAPS are in progress.


Work on the new Google-map powered mapping utility for the CDSN project begins!


CWQMC and the CDSN project get two new co-coordinators based out of Ridgway, Colorado. Work is begun on major enhancements to the CDSN project map, overseeing the transition of the database from STORET to WQX, redesigning the CWQMC and CDSN web sites, and furthering the mission of CWQMC. October - The CDSN project completes the major transition to the new AWQMS/WQX data management system. Several presentations follow.


September - First Non-Point Source grant for the CDSN project is completed. October - CDSN receives a new 3-year Non-Point Source Grant


CWQMC is re-engineered, and a new Charter is created to meet new our new goals.


Outreach for the CDSN project begins.


Colorado Watershed Network is chosen by CWQMC as the general administrative contractor for the CDSN project (web-based interactive map and STORET database). Gold Systems is chosen by CWQMC as a subcontractor.


Submittal of a Non-Point Source grant proposal to collect, organize and upload Non-Point Source legacy data to STORET. December - Awarded Non-Point Source grant. The Non-Point Source grant and the 2003 EPA grant begin the work that became the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) project.


Grant proposal submitted to EPA for the development of a web-based map displaying water quality sampling information in Colorado. December - Awarded $15,000 for the web-based map project.

2002 CWQMC website created. April - Second data swap for the South Platte River.


January - First data swap providing an inventory of sampling activities throughout the Clear Creek watershed and a small section of the South Platte River.


CWQMC was organized.