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About Us

Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council webpage has been combined with Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN)

Please go to the CDSN webpage at for most recent updates.


To have scientifically sound and accessible data and facilitate an open and informed discussion about water quality in Colorado.


To facilitate water quality monitoring and seamless data sharing among all interested parties to characterize water quality in Colorado.


• Inclusion • Collaboration • Integration • Innovation • Participation • Transparent Communication

To achieve our vision and mission the Council provides the leadership and management structure that retains objectivity and inclusivity. Simultaneously this structure provides best management practices for project management, accountability, liability, transparency and fiscal management. The strength of this organization and our work centers around the common need among our diverse membership to have easy access to current data that is as comprehensive as possible in meta data, media and mediums. The CDSN does not judge the data or determine quality that responsibility belongs with the data generator. We do require a minimum set of information so that users can determine other uses of that data, potentially increasing the use of existing data and monitoring efforts. We can leverage the diversity and pooling of resources to provide products and services that individual entities cannot afford or sustain on their own. The Colorado Data Sharing Network is an example where it costs the Council in total $1000 per month for a hosting server that would cost an individual entity for the same service/service provider $3000. If all data generators individually created what the CDSN has that would equate to $3000 multiplied by the number of data generators which results in lost resources that could be used for more monitoring and/or analyses. Thus, every contribution, $50, $500, $5000 or $10000 is purchasing more than that it would otherwise when provided to the CWQMC. In addition, there is power and leverage in a collective voice. The CWQMC can provide a collective voice for issues that impact our members.