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Products and Services

Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council webpage has been combined with Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN)

Please go to the CDSN webpage at for most recent updates.


The CWQMC seeks to provide useful tools to effectively monitor in Colorado. If you have ideas about how we can serve you better, please let us know how.

Mentoring Program

The CWQMC is dedicated to facilitating water quality monitoring and seamless data sharing among all interested parties to accurately characterize water quality in Colorado. To this meet this objective, the Council formed a mentoring program to assist the needs of the monitoring community. The following table provides a list of Council members that are available to assist and share their understanding in water quality monitoring. Contact information, professional experience and knowledge ability on a variety of monitoring components are provided. The knowledge and ability are ranked 1-4: Level 1- Performs this task on a routine basis as part of core responsibilities of profession. Level 2- Performs this task on occasion as a supporting resource for other colleagues/programs. Level 3- Performs this task rarely or only reviews other colleague’s products. Level 4- No experience in this regard. Please contact these members should you have questions or comments. Mentoring List

Watershed Planning and Data SWAPs

In partnership with Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA) allows us to assist watershed groups in gathering current and legacy data and planning for future monitoring efforts in specific basins. We typically conduct these efforts by conducting a Data SWAP in your area. SWAPs We will assist you in contacting all possible data collectors in your area and planning a meeting where we can discuss what data currently exists and what efforts are missing or should be expaned to accomplish watershed goals. We typically provide a framework and expertise to accomplish this efficiently and effectively. The group asking for the SWAP is typically responsible for finding a local meeting place to have the meeting. If you are part of a watershed group please click here to contact us about planning a SWAP.

Colorado Data Sharing Network

The Colorado Data Sharing Network is one of the primary products of the CWQMC. One of our main goals is facilitating the distribution of water quality data so we continuously strive to keep access to the CDSN as inexpensive as possible. Currently, to submit data to the CDSN an organization must pay a one time set-up fee to obtain a username and password for personalized access. No additional fees are required. Anyone can download data free of charge through our public username and password (both cdsnpublic). Please remember that CWQMC and CDSN opperate solely on Donations.  Much of our work is completed by volunteers. Donations to support free water quality data are always welcome and can be submitted by clicking on the donate button on the left sidebar.

Fee for Service

From time to time, people do not want the hassle of uploading or downloading data themselves. If you would like assistance in uploading or downloading that you cannot get from the free online tutorials (available on the CDSN Website), we can charge a nominal hourly fee to cover our expenses.  Our partner, Colorado Watershed Assembly, serves as the recipient of funds to support the activities of CWQMC/CDSN.